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  • JIRA Game – Show Me Your Unit Tests

    Here’s a fun little game you can play with JIRA, Git, and Feature Branches. Ideally, each Agile team should be creating unit tests for each story… but are they? Well, let’s make it fun!  Let’s make a game-show where a team and one of there stories is selected at random. Next we look at the […]?

  • Initial GoLang Experience

    Recently, I decided to try out GoLang for implementing a CRUD API, in a new project. I’ve got lots of experience in Java, Groovy, some Python, most recently. More of my recent experience has been in Java or Groovy plus Spring Boot. I’m getting a little bored, so why not take on some learning curve […]?

  • Java 11, RMI, CORBA, and EJBs

    As part of a new project, I explored the possibly of re-using an EJB. This is to leverage the existing business logic rather than creating a copy which would then need to also be maintained. Attempting to Compile the EJB calling code in Java 11 served up a quick reminder. As part of JEP 320, […]?

  • Spring Boot Application CommandLineRunner

    Sometimes, it is useful to run a command after the Spring Application starts. This can be achieved by implementing the CommandLineRunner and overriding the run method. An example is below.