Java 11, RMI, CORBA, and EJBs

As part of a new project, I explored the possibly of re-using an EJB. This is to leverage the existing business logic rather than creating a copy which would then need to also be maintained. Attempting to Compile the EJB calling code in Java 11 served up a quick reminder. As part of JEP 320, the following are removed from Java java.corba module javax.rmi.CORBA javax.rmi (RMI-IIOP packages) Example section of code which would not compile Luckily, under the Eclipse Foundation’s

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Dockerizing the Modeshape REST and JCR App

Overview   Modeshape¬†is a Java Content Repostiory (JCR-283) implementation, which provides an open-source, hierarchical content management system. The goal of this exercise is to make a single Docker image which can be used in all environments. ¬†Any environment specific or volatile parameters should not be part of the image, but rather supplied as parameters (or a file) when running the image. This simplifies deployment and assures the run-time environment is identical. While these instructions are specific Modeshape, they can also

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SpagoBI report deployment via SDK

Below are my thoughts on approach, capabilities, and limitations on doing automated deployments of SpagoBI reports through the SDK. I welcome your comments and suggestions. If you’re doing something differently, please share. As I now have 12 SpagoBI instances, keeping the reports in Sync on all environments has become a challenge. As a proof of concept, I’ve created a groovy script that can import an Exported-SpagoBI document to a list of SpagoBI servers. (Happy to share that if anyone is

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Coeus Interactive Debugging Techniques – presentation notes

Interacting Debugging Techniques for Coeus, using Eclipse and Tomcat
Presentation notes – from the Kuali Coeus User Conference 2011

Why would you want to do that?

  • Understanding the architecture
  • Greater speed in solving problems
  • Quickly test changes, fixes, or enhancements!
  • Assist in making Institution-specific changes


  • Frustrated with lack of documentation
  • Needed to understand the architecture
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