SpagoBI DataSet Webservice via Groovy

SpagoBI DataSet Webservice via Groovy UPDATE: THIS IS A GREAT IDEA, EXCEPT IT DOESN’T WORK IN THE FINAL STEP.  Per SpagoBI Support: Groovy cannot be used in a script-based Dataset to provide rows of data. According to the last support ticket, there is no intent to make that work. SpagoBI Support also states that the Web-Service Dataset is deprecated and so far refuses to document how to use it. Note: I have not yet figured out how to get a SpagoBI Data Set

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Upgrading Groovy in SpagoBI

Groovy Language It is possible to create a SpagoBI Script (Groovy-based) Data Set which calls a web service and returns data in the standard XML format needed by consumers of SpagoBI Data Sets. As a proof of concept, I used Groovy-WS Lite (a Groovy SOAP/RESTful client library, which required a newer version of Groovy than that which shipped with SpagoBI 5.0 (Groovy 1.5.x). So, it was necessary to replace the Groovy-all library jar with a later version and add the

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Upgrading from Apache FOP 0.20 to FOP 0.93

I’m the process of upgrading from Coeus 4.3.7 to version 4.4.3. Coeus version 4.4 now uses Apache FOP 0.93. This is a major upgrade from FOP 0.20.x. Coeus uses FOP transform data into reports, through the use of XML and XSL. I’ve performed the same upgrade for another client, several years back, in an dental-insurance application that managed / generated benefit documents. Due to the changes in FOP, it is necessary to rework some of the Customized reports (expressed as XSL).

These elements rendered fine in Apache FOP 0.20.x, but are show-stoppers in FOP 0.93 and later.

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