RoR: Using Yaml_db to copy Prod data/schema to Non-prod Environments

This morning, I took a snapshot of a production, Ruby on Rails database (via rake db:dump), and then applied the production / schema data to other environments.

    System information:

  • Database is Oracle 11
  • Application server runs Redhat Enterprise Linux
    Assumptions and challenges:

  • The Development and QA (Quality Assurance) instances are probably not at the same software revisions or migration version numbers. So… keep that in mind.
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Calling Ruby on Rails rake tasks through Appworx

I have a rake task “db:update_last_status”, which I need to have run on remote servers, nightly, to update cached status fields – which are used for fast search capabilities in an RoR application. The RoR application runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, an an Oracle database. It would be simple to script that with Cron, but that doesn’t lend itself to monitoring or work within the enterprise standards. Capistrano works great, but also isn’t within the Enterprise standards.

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Connecting Ruby On Rails (on Redhat Linux) to SQL Server

Setting up Ruby On Rails and SQL Server 2005 Database connections on Redhat Linux Following are the setup notes for how I got Ruby On Rails (running on RedHat Enterprise Linux) to connect with Microsoft SQL Server. This is based on the Ubuntu Platform-install instructions for activerecord-sqlserver-adapter Install the Redhat Packages unixODBC unixODBC-devel Download, compile, and install the stable version of FreeTDS Edit the configuration for FreeTDS…. we need to tell it about the SQL Server hosts and ports we’re

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