RoR Database seeding

Lately, I’m researching various RoR methods, technologies, and doing further ready on Agile software development methodologies. Below is a technique I’ve learned for seeding RoR databases.

    Database seeding technique

  1. Define the model and controller (nifty_scaffold is great for building quick, CRUD interfaces)
  2. Add data to the database via the CRUD interface
  3. Use sqlite3 command to extract the new seed data into a flat file.
    In this example, the table contains custom fields for name and description.

       cd [project folder]\db
    sqlite3 development.sqlite3

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Investigating screen-scraping options

Today, I’m investigation screen-scraping options in order for a Ruby on Rails front-end to communicate with a legacy, IBM mainframe application, via terminal emulation and screen-scraping. The purpose of this research is to see how easily a new system could do live queries (and updates) in the legacy system, without having to go batch or open up the legacy system.

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