Rebuilding VPS for WordPress hosting

My VPS hosting provider discontinued the current plan and the new plan required a manual migration process. Below are notes on what I installed and setup on a VPS SSD plan.


Debian 11

Debian Packages Installed

  • mariadb-server
  • apache2
  • php (7.4 is default for Debian 11)
  • php-mysql
  • lynx
  • snapd
  • python3-certbot-apache

Snap Installer

snap install core
snap install –classic certbot


Database / MariaDB

Steps for initial configuruation
cmd: mysql_secure_installation

Database Create Export / Import

See How to import and export databases in mariadb

Backup Files

tar -cvzf /home/dbh/site_folder.tgz /var/www/site_folder/

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