Upgrading Groovy in SpagoBI

Groovy Language

It is possible to create a SpagoBI Script (Groovy-based) Data Set which calls a web service and returns data in the standard XML format needed by consumers of SpagoBI Data Sets. As a proof of concept, I used Groovy-WS Lite (a Groovy SOAP/RESTful client library, which required a newer version of Groovy than that which shipped with SpagoBI 5.0 (Groovy 1.5.x).

So, it was necessary to replace the Groovy-all library jar with a later version and add the Groovy WS Lite Jar (version 2.0 beta was chosen)
Here is how I updated Groovy in SpagoBI core.

Download : groovy-binary-2.4.3.zip and extract the contents to get the file groovy-all-2.4.3.jar

Steps for updating Groovy version in SpagoBI

  1. In SpagoBI/WEB-INF\lib, replace the groovy-all-1.5.x.jar with groovy-all-2.4.3.jar
  2. Add the jar for Groovy-wslite, by dropping in a groovy-wslite jar ( groovy-wslite-2.0.0-20150603.161122-8.jar )
  3. Restart SpagoBI (ex: service tomcat7 restart)

So far, all normal SpagoBI functionality seems to work with the newer version of Groovy


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