Coeus Interactive Debugging Techniques – presentation notes

Interacting Debugging Techniques for Coeus, using Eclipse and Tomcat
Presentation notes – from the Kuali Coeus User Conference 2011

Why would you want to do that?

  • Understanding the architecture
  • Greater speed in solving problems
  • Quickly test changes, fixes, or enhancements!
  • Assist in making Institution-specific changesInspiration
  • Frustrated with lack of documentation
  • Needed to understand the architecture
  • Builds were preformed on remote servers. It took at least 15-20 minutes, just to see if a change compiled. This is a distraction.
  • Using the right tools and local builds, should make the process much faster…
  • Goal: Stay in the “Zone”Required Software
  • Java
  • Ant
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Eclipse
  • Helios edition recommended
  • A Database!
  • Oracle is recommended
  • SQL / Schema explorer toolInterested in reading more?

Interested in learning more?  See the  Coeus & Interactive Debugging presentation.



  • Necessary  to modify the code base URL in Coeus.jnlp
  • Set the server FQDN in the Coeus properties xml file

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