MIT Coeus – independent build #1

Standalone – MIT Coeus Build #1

Yesterday marked my first success in doing a stand-alone compile of MIT Coeus, version 4.3.7. Of note, while upgrades must be run separately for new revisions (ex 4.3.1 to 4.3.2 to … to 4.3.7) for schema changes and SQL commands, the Java source (which comes in the same archive) is a complete replacement. Unpacking (ex 4.3.1 to 4.3 generic cytotec.2 to … to 4.3.7) into the same source folder and then trying to do a build is asking for problems.

These following doc aws helpful in getting Java code signing and the local keystore configured.

Doing a local build from Ant took 3 minutes, once I got it working. Next, I’m working on getting Tomcat configured for running Coeus Lite, locally. This is for the purpose of tracing through local code execution and debugging, using the Java debugger (jdb).

Also, a secondary goal is to get MIT Coeus building through use of Eclipse, rather than Command-line Ant. Unfortunately, the MIT Coeus source code distribution comes with some source files in the traditional source/input folders, and other source code is in traditional output folders (ie WEB-INF/classes). That is completely unintuitive and makes it challenging to move the project into doing a GUI based, IDE build. More on that, another time.

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