MIT Coeus – independent build #1

Standalone – MIT Coeus Build #1

Yesterday marked my first success in doing a stand-alone compile of MIT Coeus, version 4.3.7. Of note, while upgrades must be run separately for new revisions (ex 4.3.1 to 4.3.2 to … to 4.3.7) for schema changes and SQL commands, the Java source (which comes in the same archive) is a complete replacement. Unpacking (ex 4.3.1 to 4.3.2 to … to 4.3.7) into the same source folder and then trying to do a build is asking for problems.

These following doc aws helpful in getting Java code signing and the local keystore configured.

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Buzzwords HaYom

ChangeMan, Remedy, change management, revision control, deployments, MIT Coeus upgrade 4.4.2, merging modified code to a new version, source code diff via BeyondCompare, UML, Use cases, Ruby On Rails, Kuali RICE, workflow, Kuali REW

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Investigating screen-scraping options

Today, I’m investigation screen-scraping options in order for a Ruby on Rails front-end to communicate with a legacy, IBM mainframe application, via terminal emulation and screen-scraping. The purpose of this research is to see how easily a new system could do live queries (and updates) in the legacy system, without having to go batch or open up the legacy system.

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Testimonial – Ashley Grayson @ Criteria

“I’ve worked several times with David where my clients needed serious, deep, software engineering effort. This has ranged from Mac OS X system level drivers to re-engineering an entire corporate website in JSP to be secure, reliable, and maintainable. David is both formally educated in CompSci and a fearless code maven AND he wears a suit! I’m instinctive at locating where software falls short of user needs or business purpose, but when we need to know what the code does,

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Testimonial – Scott Hassen @ JJ Scot Research Associates

“David is one of the top programmers I have worked with in the last 5 years. He is able to exceed industry standards in his work and in his professional behavior. He really does his homework and gains a deep understanding of projects before starting to present his solution. He is a very productive team player Read More Here. His work exceeds my expectation for his level of education and training. His best trait is his ability to choose outstanding

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